Sérgio Assad Composed Me A Piece!

Tupi Guarani Tales is a wonderful and intriguing new composition that Sérgio Assad wrote for my South American album 'Open Sky.' This piece is inspired by the Tupi-Guarani peoples from Brazil and is a musically fascinating work, where the bottom string is tuned down a semitone to E flat, adding some vivid, picturesque harmonies.

I recorded this video in September before my concert at the Saint Charles Church in Sedan, France. If you are interested in learning this piece, it will soon be available on a great new learning platform called Guitar By Masters. There you can already find some other pieces by Sérgio that I have recorded!

Production: Jakob Schmidt
Guitar: Paul Sheridan (2012)
Support: Guitarlift
Strings: Hannabach
Thumbnail photo: Vic Pooters

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